We are a group of nurserymen who have been working together since 1968, within a fruit variety publishing company, Star Fruits. For 3 generations, we have pooled our strengths to research and develop new fruit varieties for the benefit of the industry.

Star Group has become a group of companies that work together throughout the tree and fruit production chain, from breeding to coordinating marketing. By pooling our complementary expertise, we are able to research, create, select and produce new varieties adapted to the needs of the fruit-growing industry. We have always been committed to building sustainable projects based on sharing values throughout the industry.

Today, as we are aware that agriculture must play its part in the environmental and social transition, we are doing our utmost to play our part, at our own level.

Our shared group values

The STAR GROUP adventure is a story of men and women who share and embody common values.

The 5 core values that unite us today and form our common foundation are :

Team spirit

We collaborate positively towards a common goal and objectives. We willingly share and challenge our knowledge, tools and resources to enhance the performance and success of our group.



Our vision is based on sustainable growth. We are building a cooperative dynamic that enables us to anticipate change. We pass on the group’s knowledge, expertise and values to build loyalty and develop our partnerships, so that together we can benefit from new experiences.


With a strong professional conscience, we take responsibility for our decisions and honour our commitments, independently and collectively, particularly in the service of our customers and partners.


Through active listening and a day-to-day support approach, we develop each person’s skills through delegation and build respectful and loyal human relationships.


Our vision of the future is co-constructed from our ‘nursery’ of ideas, our projects, our questioning and our ability to create new opportunities. Our strength lies in optimising, improving and creating new products/services/organisations, and in encouraging individual and collective skills development.

Our vision for 2030

United around the same values, STAR GROUP’s teams of employees and member nurserymen and women have worked together to develop the group’s “2030 visions”. The aim is to set out common horizons and goals for the years ahead.

The 5 missions that emerged from this consultation process and which now guide STAR GROUP’s day-to-day actions are :

  • Choosing to be sustainable
    Making a voluntary, collective and transparent commitment to sustainable progress (economic, social and environmental)
  • Inventing new models
    Being creative and open to building our shared successes, constantly seeking innovation and new organisational methods
  • Developing synergies through the strength of our networks
    Joining forces to make progress together, in terms of plant breeding, technology and sales
  • Committing to being a benchmark for quality
    Being demanding about quality products (varieties and planting material) and services that listen to the needs of the industry (customer and partner satisfaction)
  • Building and asserting our group identity
    Developing the strength of our group which is always on the move and a multi-specialist at the service of arboriculture

To achieve these goals, STAR GROUP has set up a shared governance structure organised around cross-functional strategic and operational issues to be addressed on a collective scale, with all subsidiaries and member nurseries.

Issues are managed in “circles” made up of nurserymen/women and group employees, who work, build and decide together.